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Healthcare industry

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"As we know by challenged by rising cost, data security, and inappropriate reimbursement practices. Healthcare is transitioning to value-based care and innovative payment models for improving operational and clinical efficiencies to achieve better patient outcomes.

Healthcare industry is embracing agile with evolutions around suite of regulatory changes (eg MACRA MIPS, Meaningful Use Stage 3, HIE , others), evolving healthcare standards, dynamic market changes and futuristic healthcare technologies.

With the help of the team of healthcare functional experts and technologists, we have developed a edge cutting digital healthcare solutions and products for our clients worldwide. Faichi can help you with predictive analytic solutions and services that actually transform data into actionable insights. These insights can help lower costs , improve outcomes and make better decisions faster.

We have exclusive experience in maintaining and developing Electronic Health Record( EHR) , Patient Management Systems (PMS), and Revenue Cycle Management Services (RCM). Our framework and accelerated enable you to improve patient engagement. Insightful automation along with expertise in HIPAA, HITECH Act, MACRA helps us maximize our customer’s technology investments.

Product Engineering and IOT are creating revolution by revamping the healthcare landscape with innovations that help reduce healthcare costs, encourage patient engagement, boost population health , and finally make healthcare more accessible and transparent at all levels. Product engineering usually involves working towards fixing issues due to price, product excellence, implementation process, dependability, maintenance, anticipated product lifespan and user features and Healthcare industry can benefit considerably from product engineering by developing Healthcare products applying faster go-to- market strategy and also make sure that these products are successful in the market.

Understanding the skill and strength of the companies is very important. Product engineering also makes it easy to assemble the tools to build the great products and provide appropriate product engineering solutions for the health care firms. There are multiple options available in the market as companies with good products and solutions that can be easily integrated into the large platforms. But care should be taken while choosing the right solutions. The areas covered by the solution and depends on the software used, the methods implemented and the requirements of the Healthcare Company. Hence, it is always advisable to get the service provider involved right from the planning phrase and place the requirements to develop the appropriate engineering solution to the Healthcare products and request to design and develop as per the requirements.

The common areas where product engineering is applied in Healthcare industry are: Diagnostics and monitoring devices. Radiology apparatus Respiratory devices Healing or therapeutic appliances In-vitro devices Recording devices

Our healthcare industry aided solutions

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Data processing

Establish secured medical data processing tech in the ecosystem

The boggest burden of all time in health sector is data processing and management. we make serious efforts to help health care facilitators get a world-class solution to easily access, assess, secure and process critical medical data.

healthcare industry digitization tools
Bio-Tech research

Bring breakthroughs that changes the world

Our teams work in collaboration with various specialists of different subject to ensure results in time. The edge tech model of getbes ensures cyber-intelligence team to maintain and process research works in multiple fields of science.

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Equipment Designs

Development of medical equipment prototypes and manufacturing plant setup

Unlock the super-powers with getbes research and development facility that offers versatile technical and engineering tools to design and scale market standard health-tech equipments.

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digital Patient care platform

AI powered patient care, and management platform

Helping patient with daily improvemnts and reports is a real big task. Getbes provides patient care platforms for medical institution using complication wise agile doctor-patient related frameworks.

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Agile medical infrastructure

Automation featured infrastructure for healthcare ecosystem

How you control and manage all your infrastructure, using one single tab is the power that getbes enables for you. Using high tech gadgets and connected systems, your infra-structure becomes future proof.

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