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Let GETBES provide you a seamless automation setup to your factory. Increase 10 times productivity.


Automation refers to the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically. Automation is generally defined as the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services. The use of robotic equipment in a manufacturing process. The application of scientific knowledge to find answers and fix problems. The use of resources to manufacture goods more efficiently. The hiring of workers from all over the world to manufacture goods more efficiently the hiring of workers from all over the world to manufacture goods

Benefits of Automation in Industries


These systems make automation possible for factories and industrial processes, allowing a continuous mass production 24/7. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which improves productivity and reduces assembly times.


– By means of adaptive control and monitoring in different stages and industrial processes these systems are useful in eliminating human error and thus improve the homogeneity and quality of the products offered. The Performance is not reduced after several hours of continuous work.

Greater Consistency

– Machines and computers work at a constant and continuous pace. Therefore, automated production processes have a longer duration, stability and solidity when managed with an automation system.


– Implementing a new task in a traditional production chain involves hours or days of user training. On the other hand, with an automated system, reprogramming a robot or machine is a simple and fastest process that provides greater flexibility in the production process.

More Precise Information

Automation of data collection improves accuracy and also reduces costs, Such increased accuracy enables company managers to make better decisions.


It is safer to use robots on production lines with dangerous working conditions for humans. In the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed in 1970 with the aim of improving job safety and protecting employees. Since its passage, it has promoted robotics and automation in the factories of country and also the use of automation system.

Cost Reduction

Although , the initial investment in industrial automation systems might be rather high, implementing the technology will translate into a reduction of data analytics costs.

Improved Working Conditions

Workers in a factory where an industrial automation system has been implemented work fewer hours and spend their time on value-added tasks.

Increased Added value –

When the action of machines and computers frees employees from performing these functions, they can carry out more value-added tasks in other areas of the company that provide greater benefits.

Improved Human Capacity

They are better in size, weight, speed and resistance among other characteristics.


getbes Logo

getbes Logo

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