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How AI transforming automation industry? | Launch of getbes

how AI transforming automation industry | launch of getbes.

GETBES NEWSROOM | DEC 02, 2019 ©GETBES | 0 Views

Automation now can be found in nentrarly every industry, ranging from transportation and utilities to defense and facility operations. The most prevalent area, however, is undoubtedly manufacturing. With many required tasks being labor intensive or highly repetitive, the creation of automated machinery has improved efficiency and also created greater quality control.

The 21st century has ushered in a promise that autonomous vehicles are right around the corner. Infact, Tesla announced recently its Model S car is now semi-autonomous , and they released this feature to tens of thousands of already owned cars via a software update.

The idea of automation within transportation is nothing new, however, with sailboats utilizing auto-tillers and autopilot technologies in airplanes just a decade after the Wright Brothers iconic fight. Still, developing automated systems to navigate streets and highways is something entirely different, and the stakes are much higher.

While the idea has been on the table since the 1939 World’s Fair, it’s taken decades of research and Prototyping to get to the practicality. Before Tesla’s autopilot feature, the most significant advancement was Google’s Driverless car Program, which has logged nearly 150,000 miles of autonomous driving since 2009. .

The ability to automate processes marked a significant shift in the ability to increase manufacturing productivity and quality. Finding ways to automate tasks can also help you increase your productivity and quality.

Finding ways to automate tasks can also help you in in increasing your productivity and also effectiveness at work and also in life.

Benefits of Automation consists of It helps in freeing up time and attention. It is predictably and reliably executing common activities. It also helps in reducing the risk of important things failing through the cracks as well.

It helps in reducing stress related to trying to remember and task management as well. Getting more done is another major factor. .

Recurring tasks are ones that happen regularly and predictably. Common tasks best suited to automation are ones like bill paying, scheduling and also in task reminders. Here are ways to accomplish the automation of these tasks. .

Bill Paying –

Most of the financial institutions offer online bill paying tools for customers. Look at websites of banks to find I out if this is an option for you. Typically the work required to set up the recurring payment of a regular bill is to specify the payee, the amount ,the frequency and the number of times to actually perform the task. Another option for automatic bill- paying is to see if the vendor allows you to setup auto-payment either from a credit card or electric fund transfer from your bank. .


Having an auto-payment process set up does not relieve you of the responsibility of assuring the timely payment of your bills. Auto-Payment is a great way to assure the timely payment of your bills. Auto-payment is a great way to assure on time payment and also avoid late fees, but you are still responsible for making sure the payment has been made and if not, you may be responsible for late fees and also risk cancellation of service. Do automate your bill paying as much as possible and Do establish a monthly review of your bills to make sure the automation works. .


If you use an electronic calendar, you can set up recurring appointments so you don’t have to remember to update your calendar. This is helpful for events like classes, meetings and appointments .

Tasks –

If you use an electronic tool for managing your tasks, you can schedule tasks to recur. This means that a routine task which will automatically appear in your task list on the interval you determine .

- by Ms Ruchi Jha, Editor.

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