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Cyber Intelligence Services


C yber Intelligence basically refers to the technology bodies, processes and practices which is designed to protect the networks, devices, programs and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Cyber Security may also be referred to as information technology security

It also refers to be the practice of defending computers, servers. It also includes practice of electronic systems, network, mobile devices, and data from malicious attacks. It is also known as information technology security or electronic information security.

Nowadays, the scale of the cyber threat is increasing day by day with a rising number of data breaches each year. Medical services, retailers and public entities mainly experienced the breaches, with criminals who are responsible for most malicious incidents. Therefore, Cyber Security is a necessity nowadays in all the sectors.

Now comes the importance of cyber intelligence is very important because military, corporate. It also very important for medical organizations and finance to collect, process and store unprecedented amounts of data on computers and other devices. These organization is involved in transmitting sensitive data across various networks and to other devices in the context of doing businesses, and it also describes the discipline dedicated for protecting the information and the systems used to process or store it. As no of volume and sophistication of cyber attacks are growing ,Companies and organizations need to take steps to protect their sensitive business and personnel information especially those who are tasked with safeguarding information related to national security , health or financial record.

Elements of cyber intelligence includes include Network Marketing, Application Security, Endpoint security, Data security, Identify Management, Database and Infrastructure security, cloud security, Mobile Security, Disaster recovery/business continuity planning.

A data breach can include devastating range of consequences for any organization. It can unravel reputation of a company through the loss of consumer and trust of partner. The loss of critical data, such as intellectual property or source files, can also cost a company its competitive advantage. With high profile data breaches making media headlines, it’s essential that organizations adopt and implement a strong cybersecurity approach.

After this you must be in need of Cyber Intelligence Services. Don’t worry we are here for your help and support.

Getbes is the most trusted and best cyber Intelligence company in Kolkata, West Bengal India. Getbes Provide you Cyber intelligence to protect your business and its digital assets. It also allows you to track and vulnerability resources.

Our Cybersecurity team creates the essence of the strong trust of users and customers for a business, and it takes numerous efforts to fight vulnerabilities and attacks. We figure out all the possible threats that can happen to a business and its digital assets. Ourteam’s priority is to makes sure that all the client’s digital assets and their business are protected and future proof from all the vulnerabilities.




what we provide


Product aided cyber report

Threat detection
Counter strategy
Intelligence algorith


Enterprise level cyber report

Automated detction algorithm
Cyber investigation
Competitor strategy


Authority aided cyber report

Partnership investigation
Data architecture check
Cyber crime detection


Industry aided cyber report

Detection strategy
Action plan
Backdoor implemention


Media featured cyber report

Anonymous threat detection
Crime investigation
Automated backup


Community aided cyber report

Action plan
crime intelligence
Safe play strategy


Corporate interest aided cyber report

Automated backdoor
Cyber crime detection
Weekly report



Cyber threat detection
Automated prevention strategy
Cyber crime investigation

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