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5 reasons why cyber threat intelligence matters! | India
Knowledge corner!

W hy cyber threat intelligence matters

Published on 20th october, 2020

Cyber Threat is a malicious act that seeks to damage data, steal data or disrupt digital life in general. It also includes computer viruses, data breaches.

It also refers to the possibility of a successful cyber attack that basically aims in gaining unauthorized access, disrupt, damage, or steal an information technology asset, intellectual property, computer network or any other form of sensitive data. The threats can come from within the organization by trusted users or from remote locations by unknown parties.

Therefore, the cyber threat intelligence is the need of the hour

Here are 5 reasons why cyber threat intelligence matters

Reducing Risk - Anyone with any intention or capability to do harm, are constantly discovering new ways to infiltrate organization’s networks. Threat intelligence provides visibility into these existing and emerging security hazards. With the help of this knowledge and applying it to your environment, you will be able to reduce risk of data loss, prevent or minimize disruption to business operations and increase regulatory compliance.

. Preventing Financial Loss- - Security breaches not only cost your organization in post-incident remediation and restoration, but they can also include fines, investigations and lawsuits that frequently run in the millions dollars. Whenever you use threat intelligence to make timely, informed decisions, you are preventing system downtime., protecting your intellectual property, thwarting the theft of confidential data and saving your organization’s reputation and customers.

Maximizing Staffing Efficiency - – Cyber Threat intelligence makes the security team incredibly more efficient and less prone to burnout from alert fatigue. Manually validating and correlating threat intelligence is a bit time consuming and intensive resources, so leveraging platforms designed to automatically integrate and generate intelligence into organization’s infrastructure can lower your security response time and allow your staffing to focus their attention on other important needs saving your business from hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Investing Wisely in your Infrastructure -

Apart from freeing up your staffing for other needs, when you get to know what threats are most pressing to your business, you can properly allocate more investment in your infrastructure to address these important issues. Aligning internal intelligence in the form of vulnerability and patch management , with external intelligence is a first step towards prioritization of resources.

. Lowering Expenses- - With the help of the previous points, threat intelligence ultimately lower your expenses and helps in saving your capital. An improved defensive posture informed by threat intelligence helps in mitigating your organization’s risk, lower your response times, and maximize your security investment allocations. With the responses focused on important issues, your business will realize an increase in savings in both financial and human capital.

- by Ms Ruchi Jha, Editor.

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