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Top 10 artificial intelligence startup of India 2021

Top 10 AI startup of India 2021

Artificial Intelligence | Feb 10, 2021 ©GETBES | 0 Views

Artificial intelligence is the new normal in industries today and every market niche is adopting it frequently. Whether it is healthcare or retail, fashion, manufacturing or even banking, all are ready to use AI to innovate new ways of business all along making their customers experience memorable.

Moving forward, AI is becoming the new necessary technology to survive in the market. From supporting smart infrastructure to helping to be more efficient with natural resources and smart agriculture to feed a growing population, the need of every business of all industries to make services user friendly has created a positive environment for AI startups.

Let take a look of “Top Artificial Intelligence Startups” in India

AIndra Systems -

Aindra systems is a leading Artificial Intelligence technology based startup which is well known for developing an affordable devoice that help in detection and screening of cervical cancer. Founded in 2012, Aindra Systems headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. Its patent-pending Face-Recognition(FR) technology is powering a smart phone based product, which is helping in enhancing and improving the productivity of different programmes used in service segment. .

Arya.AI -
– is simplifying the process of building “AI” technology! It develops tools to make the complex process of building of new Intelligent Systems simple. The startup was founded in 2013 with an aim to create new ‘intelligent’ technology that can solve complex problems easily and at a much faster speed.

The third one is getbes. It's initiative aarogya bharat aims to provide AI based health records management system. It will be launched in Indian market shortly.It also provides AI based analytics and monitoring system to businesses in automobile, healthcare and other industries.

The startup is developing AI solutions like machine learning, language processing and human computer interface. The startup is currently developing next generation technology software like Graphical Command Line Interface (GCLI), Human Language Interface (HLI), and Human Language Programming (HLP) etc. -

– is committed to cater the needs of bot makers. It is a B2B platform where small enterprises can build their own conversational services to set out them on available channels including facebook, twitter,SMS , live-chat, in-app chat etc to stay connected with the customers through personal engagement. Businesses can send messages to give their customers through personal engagement. .

Mad Street Den -

This startup is registered in the US but mainly based in Chennai. It was working to develop technologies that can add convenience in e-commerce business and aims to revolutionizing the industry by providing personalized shopping experiences to the customers. . -

– app help in different tasks including can bookings, mobile recharge and lots other in a simple way. It helps users to complete online purchases easily through an AI-powered bot which is a chat interface .

SigTuple -

- It is another AI startup focusing primarily in healthcare segment and helping doctors by mechanizing disease diagnosis and screening for better solution. .

Skedool -

My Ally which is formerly known as Skedool. It is currently working in the area of scheduling. Skedool is a unify tool of AI and human intelligence that can help in handling everyday B2B tasks of different departments including sales and recruitments. It can be integrated easily with all leading CRM, recruitments and marketing tools .

VPhase -

Vphase helps in developing internal reports easily to examibe employees performance. It also find out important points that need attention for improvements. Enterprises need to spend less time and efforts to make their performance better. .

- by Ms Ruchi Jha, Editor.

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