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Tips to keep your devices safe from hackers

Tips to keep your devices safe from hackers

CYBER SECURITY | May 20, 2021 ©GETBES | 0 Views

HACKING- Hacking is unauthorized entry to gather information, data and files. Hacker is the person who performs malpractices to get into a network or a computer. Hackers use techniques like phishing, server hijacks etc.


Firewall is a software designed to create a barrier between your information and the outside world. Always make sure that firewall is enabled before going online. Operating systems like Mac and Windows have built in firewall. Hardware firewalls can be purchased from companies like Cisco or Sophos depending on your broadband router, which also has a built-in firewall. .

2. Using Complicated Password-

More secure password makes it more difficult for the hackers to invade your privacy. Here are some ways to create a secured password.

3. Install anti-spyware packages-

Spyware is a software that secretly monitors and collects your personal or organizational information. Spywares are designed hard to detect and remove. It delivers unwanted ads and search results and directs you to different websites. Some spywares can also record every keystroke to gain access to passwords and financial information. Anti-spywares focus on this threat and are often included in major anti-virus packages. Anti-spywares scan all incoming information and blocks threats.

4. Turn your tacking and remote locking settings ON-

A screen lock is not enough to keep your devices safe from thieves or hackers as there are many tricks to bypass the initial security mechanisms. Here the ability to remotely lock your device is essential. This step is to prevent your devices from hackers, thieves or any unwanted person to access your device. All phone providers offer Find my device and remote lock functionalities. .

5.Be judicious about what you download or install online-

You must be vigilant while downloading /installing anything from the internet. Try downloading files from well reputed and well-known websites, research about the publishers and read customer reviews online. When you install, it will ask you for request access to certain features of the device like camera, location, email, microphone etc. Review whether the asked permissions are actually required for the particular features and give the suitable permissions.

6. Beware of sim swapping –

Sim swapping happens when someone calls you on your phone and asks for the replacement of your sim card. Unauthorized sim swapping is possible when hackers have access to your confidential information to use it as a part of their social engineering scam. If they are successful to convince your mobile provider to port your number, hackers can intercept your phone call, messages and can even gain access to accounts linked with your phone number. You can save your self from unauthorized sim swapping by setting up a unique passcode with your service provider. This passcode will only be known to you and only you can make changes to your mobile account.

7.Turn autocomplete off-

Autocomplete is a feature that guesses what you are typing to complete your word, phrase and information to make your task easy using Artificial Intelligence. This tool is convenient but at the same time it can transfer your information to hackers.

8.Back up on your computer-

You should backup your hard drive, on your computer if you haven’t yet. Backing up your is very important in case hackers succeed in crashing in your system. Back up utilities like built into MacOS and Windows. External hard drives can also provide enough space for these utilities.

9.Avoid using unknown WIFI-

Avoid using unknown WIFIs as tempting as it might seem instead invest in a good quality WIFI ,It might seem expensive but pays off in the long run as your personal information is much more important than any amount of money.

10.Keep your devices up to date-

Keep your devices and apps up to date under most of the cases companies provide software updates to prevent your devices from any security flaw or glitches. It is very important to keep your devices and apps updated. Hence you must update your devices whenever there is an update using a secured WIFI.

11.Scan all types of external devices before running them on your system-

External devise like pen drives, external hard disks must be scanned to track any kind of malware.

12.Avoid clicking on random email attachments-

Hackers use email to spread malwares and spywares in your devices. The virus and spywares are hidden inside the attachments and links and gets transferred by clicking on them. Hence avoid clicking on random email attachments.

- by Shubham Jha, Editor.

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