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Published on 1st September, 2020

As we all know we are going through a huge pandemic Coronavirus from past 8 months.

Now in this world of lockdown, social distancing where people hesitate in meeting anyone personally, buying or selling products physically, it is getting difficult for your business to survive. It is challenging for all the entrepreneurs present in the world to run their financial wheel due to less revenue churn and general uncertainty in the global financial environment.

The world had faced many pandemic situations before but never came through the situation like Coronavirus. It resulted in lockdown in countries. Countries had always made infrastructural innovation a priority while developing their cities. These countries have never planned enough to deal with crisis like this when there is no specific use of infrastructural development and it lead to an adversely loss in the business.

These problems are basically faced by the small businesses, access to cash is one of the key challenges for small businesses. According to the “Small Business Administration” only about half of the small business survive more than 5 years. Overhead costs such as leasing, payroll and expenses leave very little cashflow for the owners of the company.

As a result many small businesses have shut their doors temporarily. But there are few ways through which you can protect your company finances.

These are as follows:-

These are few steps which could help you and your business in surviving during this pandemic situation.

If you have totally run out of money and are completely without hope, your business can almost certainly survive the COVID-19 Crisis. One of the most targeted and recommended is to emerge with a business that is stronger than the business you had before the crisis.

Always try to be positive in this situation, Think of the positive effects of COVID-19 crisis and that is everyone is being impacted by it. Usually, your business problem is the WORLD’S business problem.

There are few more ways which is going help you grow your business in this pandemic.

Some of the most effective ways to run your business in this pandemic is as follows.


Organizational agility is the actual ability of a company to adapt in response to the rapidly changing market. There are two major dimensions of the market. That is Speed and Stability. This also includes being innovative and dynamic in its thinking and actions. There was a time when organizational agility was desirable but now it has become central to survival. Therefore, the combination of speed and stability helps in acquiring the desired results.


As mentioned above Digitization is the most effective way to rebuild your business nowadays. In a survey of 2015 82% of the executives that responded agreed on a need to transform digitally the way their firms source and manage labour but only 23% had devised and implemented a strategy for it. And during this COVID-19 this digitalization resulted as the most effective and trusted way for running your business in this pandemic. The challenge of the pandemic for businesses has not only been to sustain productivity through digitized operations, but to refocus on new opportunities spurred by digitization for their work and workforce.

Systemic Change through cooperation

This COVID-19 pandemic has been a visceral reminder of how interconnected entire societies are today. Despite the challenges we are suffering from this pandemic. This pandemic has also brought to light the importance of multistakeholder collaboration and also the need for the systemic resilience. For successful build of these components , the fabric trust needs to be ingrained across seemingly diverse stakeholders and businesses are increasingly understanding this- be it trust in the various factors in supply chain or between the employees in the organization.

As mentioned above Digitization is the most effective way to survive your business in this pandemic. We are here with all methods and facilities of Digitization which includes

Digital Marketing –

Getbes Digital marketing team provides proper opportunities to customers using different advanced strategies and multiple platforms. We use various industry standard tools for marketing content creation and also build up of digital assets. We assure to give you 100% result.

App Development Solution

Mobile App is a necessity if you are thinking to bring your business online. Mobile App should be user friendly and easily available on internet. Getbes teleport your business to profit land. GETBES is also available for creating amazing Apps for your business. We utilize the technologies, tools, data and other important requirements that make getbes a good choice for your app development. We believe in trust and transparency in work. We provide from a minor information to major information to our clients or customers.

Website Development Solution

Website is another necessity in digitization of your business. Website is the first thing we recommend to our clients or customers. Therefore, website should be properly designed with all the required information of your business. Website development is not only the task and main task is ranking of your website so that you get engagements and client. The team of Getbes design and develop world-class websites that rank easily on google. We focus on niche strategies to curate standard contents and design for the website. We definitely keep powerful performance as our priority.

Software Development

Digitization also involve software development as one of the factor. The software development teams work effectively in an agile model to produce up to standard software on different or multiple platforms. We mainly focus on 100% of the user base, sophisticated design and complex security patch to generate perfect software successfully.

Customer Relationship Management Services:

When we think of running your business online the first thing which comes to your mind is customer relationship and management. Getbes is here to solve all your problems of running your business digitally which includes Customer Relationship Management services as well. Getbes provide you a foolproof customer relationship management service to innovate new growth charter. The CRM team deliberately provides successful conversion opportunities to clients using multiple platforms and advanced strategies. Our outcomes from various channels always remain our top priority.

Cyber Security

Cyber Crime the most important tension in the mind of the businessmen. Yes, it is very important to worry about that, But don’t worry Getbes also provide the solution to this problem and that is Cyber Security. The cybersecurity team creates the essence of the strong trust of users and customers for a business, and it takes numerous efforts to fight vulnerabilities and attacks. The cyber security team, make sure that all the digital assets of clients and their business stay protected and future proof from all vulnerabilities. We design advanced security and backup strategies to undergo and defend any threat that bleach security and safety.

Cloud Service

Proper flow of information is through proper algorithm is very important in an online business. The cloud team of Getbes believes in the proper information flow, through significant algorithm checks. The cloud team also works progressively to deliver an outstanding portfolio of your business, which is more accessible, vast and in depth than even before.

Automation Solutions

The team of Getbes works in multiple fields like public-sector, Hospitality, Healthcare, Automation, Banking and others. Businesses mine productivity to accelerate growth exponentially, and we make sure that the clients gets the best solution digitally. We find innovative solution for industries of a different kind to leverage their income and productivity with ease by digital solutions to manage production, processing and other stages.

Internet of Things

Internet of things is the one of the most vital source in online business. The Internet of things works in futuristic platforms to provide genuine break-through in the world. Nowadays, businesses are a build up to scale up, fast and wide, we always try that our tools and techniques to combat all disciplinary failures in an internet-connected atmosphere.

Research Service

Research is one of the most important factor of digitization. Your research must be perfect and appealing. In depth research and report service enable GETBES to transform your ideas into streamlined solutions. Getbes work on versatile expertise to cope with different fields of work and its difficulty. The team also collaborates with their respective specialists to fetch out the most of report and research.

System Development

System Development is very essential for Online running of your business. So, The system development of Getbes team works efficiently in an agile model to produce up to standard systems in multiple platforms. We mainly focus on accessibility to 100% of the user base, sophisticated design, and complex security patch to generate a perfect system successfully. The development team also publishes a market standard system for business.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber intelligence creates the relation and trackers of users , customers and teammates for a business, to find and track vulnerabilities , attack and its sourced. The Cyber security also provide security towards possible threats that can corrupt business and its digital assets. We also create a detector and counter-strategies to undergo and defend any threat that bleach security and safety.

Block Chain Service

I am sure all of must have heard of block chain management. Block Chain management also plays a very important role in digitization of your business. The team of Getbes , works in multiple fields like public sector, Hospitality, Healthcare, Automation, Banking and others. We make programming, the new English for users, managers, operators and executors with our simple and sophisticated design. Potential leaders generally meet their high-end demand in the design and development of excellent industrial solutions only with GETBES.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays it is more of artificial intelligence than mental intelligence. Therefore, we definitely need an Artificial Intelligence. We are here with more and more experienced artificial intelligence team. The artificial intelligence team works in futuristic technologies to provide genuine break through in the world. The journey of AI integrated world starts with optimizing exclusive modules for the assets and systems using sensors, platforms and digital techniques and ultimately end with a change.

These are the various sources or facilities provided by the GETBES team. What are you waiting for start running your business online and we are definitely here to help you out in any best or worst case scenario.

- by Ms Ruchi Jha, Getbes editor

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