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Digital learning hub for institutes.
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Digital learning hub for institutes

Published on 11th November, 2020

Digital Learning is something we are very familiar nowadays, Everyone and Everything in this world is online today from learning to teaching. Every Teacher needs a digital platform and every student need a digital platform to learn. And this pandemic made it a necessity. As in this pandemic, nobody can go out but we can let our children away for learning. Therefore, Digital learning is the only way to this problem. Now the question arises what is Digital Learning. Digital learning is similar to classroom learning but through technology that gives students some element of control over path, time, place or pace.

Learning is no longer restricted to classroom or school nowadays. The digitalization, Internet or proliferation of Internet access devices have given students the freedom of time, they can learn anytime.

As I said earlier that learning is no longer limited or restricted within the walls of a classroom. The internet and the internet access devices have given students the ability to learn anywhere and everywhere.


Learning is no longer restricted to the pedagogy used by the teacher. Interactive and adaptive software allows students to learn in their own style, making learning personal and engaging. technologies provide realtime data that give teachers the information they need to adjust instruction to meet the unique needs of each student.

Pace -
Interactive and adaptive software allows students to learn at their own pace, spending more or less time on lessons or subjects to achieve the same level of learning.

Digital learning is more than just providing students with a laptop or any other device. Digital learning requires a combination of technology, digital content and instruction.

It is a mechanism that delivers content. It facilitates how students receive content. It includes hardware and access to the internet, which can be a smartphone. Technology is the tool, not an instruction.

Digital Content-
– It is the high-quality academic material which is delivered through technologies. It is what students learn. It ranges from new engaging, interactive and adaptive software to classic literature to video lectures to games. It isn’t simply a PDF of text or a PowerPoint presentation.Instruction- Educators are essential to digital learning. Technology may change the role of the teacher but will never eliminate the need of a teacher.With digital learning, teacher will be able to provide the personalized guidance and assistance to ensure students learn and stay on track throughout the year and year after year- to graduate from high school. Teachers may be the guide on the side, not on the stage.

Digital learning is many times is confused with online learning or elearning, digital learning encompasses the aforementioned concepts.

The strategy of digital learning may include or combination of these as follows-

The tools used for digital learning includes RSS or social readers, Google+ Communities, Youtube Channels, iTunesU, Cloud-based Word Processors(Google drive), File Sharing platforms, Evernote, Digital Pocket, Zoreto, Video conferencing software or Magic box. The digital learning is meant to enhance the learning experience rather than replace traditional methods altogether. Listed below are common pedagogies or practices of teaching, that combine technology and learning.

Honestly, there are unlimited benefits of Digital Learning. But here we are going to discuss the top 10 benefits of Digital Learning.

Recorded Lectures –
One of the best benefits of digital learning is recorded class. This means if you are missing something, or you did not understood a particular topic, in that case you can go back and watch the recorded class. Teachers are always there to solve your problems, but solving a problem by yourself is a great feeling.

24-Hour Resources-
It happens to you sometimes you feel. focused in evening but you have your classes early in the morning- with digital learning , you won’t have to worry about the library or the teacher won’t allow option. You’ll be able to access your learning materials online anytime , and with advanced tools like simulations you can even carry out science experiments from the comfort of your own home.

Connected Learning-
When you choose digital learning, you’ll be part of a connected community. If there’s something you need help with, tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams can connect you with teachers and classmates so that you can clear your doubts with them. And, although your teachers will still have proper time-table of classes to teach the whole day, instant messaging platforms and email mean you won’t have to wait until your next a lesson with them to ask any questions you may have. Although they might not always be able to answer you the right way, you’ll both have the freedom to communicate at times during in the the day that suits you.

Self-Directed Study-
Self-directed study is an important part of higher education. It refers to the time you spend learning away from your classes when you’re not being directed by a teacher. This time is important as it helps you in identifying the things you’re good at, and the areas where you might need to work a With digital learning, teachers will be able to provide the personalized guidanc

Flexible Choices-
These days technology are at a different level, or should I say in our Fingertips, and that’s especially true when it comes to digital learning – you’ll be able to mix and match the programs and software you use with different people, and for different activities. If your teacher teaches you on zoom app, when you’re working on a group project with your classmates you’ll be able to play around and find the method of working together that works best for you.

Written Language Skills-
Digital Learning improves your written language skills. When you’re studying online, you will likely use instant messaging apps to quickly get in touch with other people, so you won’t be able to rely on the hand gestures and facial cues that can make communicating easier.

That means you will learn how to write in an effective manner that is clearly understood – great practices for all the essays you’ll be writing.

Familiarity with Technology-
It’s not always practical to fly across the world for a meeting, so many businesses are adopting online connectivity tools to create virtual meeting rooms-just like the tools you use when you join your seminars online, or get together with your classmates to discuss your work. When you graduate, you’ll have plenty of experience using software that some working professionals are only getting to grips to grips with now, which could help you with the transition from studying your career.

Tracked Process-
Digital Learning doesn’t only help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, it enables your teachers to track your progress too. They will have an easily accessible online record of all your work, and they’ll be able to monitor your engagement as well. For example, your teacher will be able to see that whether you are attending the class or not. The reason may be struggling with that material, so they will be able to reach out and offer guidance. They might even realise you’re having a problem before you do.

Fewer Emissions-
If you opt for digital learning, you will be able to save ample of time like no of journeys you make as you don’t need to travel to your classes everyday. You’ll also have more time to yourself, as your longest commute might between the couch and your quiet study space.

It’s Fun -
Last but not least, Studying online is highly effective and filled with fun.

If you are reading uptill now you must be interested in Digital Learning Hub, If you are interested then we are here to help you out. We provide from software development to web development.

Getbes is one of the most reputed company in Kolkata, The services we provide which is essential for Digital Learning are -

App Development-
Getbes team provide app to any education institutions so that they can manage digital learning efficiently. In Getbes ,we value critical and systematic transformation that helps businesses scale up and influence the market. Getbes creates amazing and user friendly apps. We believe in complete transparency in the work. So, we provide all small to big details and information on the design and development of the project to clients.

Website Development-
Getbes team provides a website for your institution which makes teaching and learning convenient for teachers and students. In getbes, we believe in scaling and managing from zero to millions of visitors and users. We focus on niche strategies to curate standard content and graphics for the site.

Software Development-
Getbes also provides you with Software which makes your work much easier and efficient. It also helps the students and teachers as well. The software development team works efficiently in an agile model to produce up to standard software on multiple platforms. We focus on accessibility to 100% of the user base, sophisticated design, afd complex security patch to generate perfect software successfully.

Cyber Security –
You must be scared of cyber crimes, stealing of data, Don’t worry, we are here to even to solve that problem as well, The cybersecurity team creates the essence of the strong trust of users and customers for a business, and it takes numerous efforts to fight vulnerabilities and attacks. We design advanced security and backup strategies to undergo and defend any threat that bleach security and safety.

- by Ms Ruchi Jha, Editor.

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