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5 steps to create an outstanding marketing strategy

5 steps to create an outstanding marketing strategy

Marketing | Mar 01, 2021 ©GETBES | 0 Views

Marketers have saying “If you don’t know where you’re going , any road will take you there”. Without a basic planning and strategies, how cam you know where you are going or what you generally need to get there? Here are 5 crucial steps to develop your own marketing plan.

Step – 1

Document your business Goals and Budget

Before doing anything or jumping into the tactics and execution, your marketing team should ask the leadership team to define their business goals for the next 1-3 years. Your goals can be externally focused, internally focused, or perhaps a mix of both. While developing goals at the business level or otherwise, write them in the smart format that actually ensures accountability. Smart stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and also the time-bound which represents business goals such as .

When you are in the process of setting business goals, make sure you also set a marketing budget for the year. A good rule of thumb for setting a marketing budget is 6 to 12% of gross revenue with higher spending in the early phases as you establish your marketing plan and strategy.

Step -2

Conduct A SWOT Analysis
Ultimately you want marketing that actually provides a consistent flow of high-quality leads to help fuel new sales opportunities and also drives growth. You want your technical target audiences and customers to be happy to hear from you and not dread it. And you have a limited budget and also the tight bandwidth.

The way to achieve all of this is to use a smart marketing approach that builds a marketing strategy and also execution plan aligned to your business goals and starts with a SWOT of your current marketing program.


Identify your Target Personas

You probably know the profile of your most valuable prospects and the sales process your company uses to convert the, from general leads to opportunities to customers. As your company grows, you won’t know each prospect’s unique solution, and one message won’t work for all. You’ll need to customize your marketing approach by creating buyer personas. .

Step -4

Develop Your Marketing Goals

Armed with your business strategy, areas of greatest opportunity and defined persons, you are now ready to create your marketing goals. Goal setting is critical to aligning your marketing organization, narrowing your focus , and also setting your overall marketing strategy .

Write your goals SMART,

S – Specific

M- Measurable

A – Attainable

R- Realistic

T- Time Bound

Step -5

Build your Activity Plan .

Now that you’ve created your marketing goals and have a budget, you are ready to develop your activity plan. The most effective way to approach turning your marketing strategy into an execution plan is by using a campaign structure. You can think of campaigns as buckets of activities focused on a common goal or theme.

- by Ms Ruchi Jha, Editor.

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