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3 things AI can do effectively for your company

3 things AI can do effectively for your company

CUSTOMER RELATIONS | Mar 18, 2021 ©GETBES | 0 Views

Artificial Intelligence is basically means simulation of human intelligence in technologies or machines that are basically programmed to think alike humans and also mimic their actions. It is also applied to any other machines that exhibits traits associated with a mind of human such as problem solving and learning. The ideal characteristics of artificial intelligence is rationalizing its ability and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specified goal.

The 21st century has brought many incredible new technologies that were once dreamed about in old epics and even some technologies we never saw coming. However, artificial intelligence-some technologies we never saw coming. However, artificial intelligence sometimes called machine intelligence or just AI – is proving to be one of the most disruptive of all.

1 Improve Sales and Marketing with an AI- infused CRM –

Customer-relationship management (CRM) systems are designed to gather customer data across communication channels such as email, phone and social with the purpose of helping improve and even automate the sales process. Platforms such as salesforce have begun implementing.

2. Automate Customer Communications

Both product and service based small businesses have begun using chatbots on their websites to initiate customer communication and helps in answering questions. Think of it as a sales and customer service rep that works for 24/7, even when you sleep. .

3. Streamline Human Resource Tasks

One of the most unexpected areas AI has began to creep into is human resources. AI tools have been developed that not only help streamline the hiring and onboarding process but also acquire feedback from new employees about how HR can improve those processes, both of which can have a real impact on a company’s bottom line. .

- by Ms Ruchi Jha, Editor.

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