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11 Excellent Wordpress CRM Plugins to consider this year

11 Excellent Wordpress CRM Plugins to consider this year

CUSTOMER RELATIONS | Mar 18, 2021 ©GETBES | 0 Views


The ERP plugin is a suite of business management tools that include HR management software, accounting software, and a CRM. .

2 Hubspot Wordpress Plugin

Everything about the Hubspot Wordpress Plugin is designed to make your life easier. At its core, this free plugins connects your wordpress website with Hubspot CRM account, allowing you to seamlessly send contact info gathered in your CMS straight to your contact management tools.

3 Jetpack CRM

Jetpack is an acclaimed suite of Wordpress optimization, analytics and security tools for businesses. .

4 Fluent CRM

Fluent CRM is a CRM plugin for wordpress focused on email marketing. To compose your emails, Fluent CRM adds a user friendly email builder to your wordpress admin interface. .

5 UpiCRM

UpiCRm is a dedicated lead management solution for Wordpress websites. Free and easy to set up , UpiCRM is great for site owners in need of a lightweight solution with the essential CRM functionality.

6. CRM and Lead Management by vcite

Vcita develops scheduling, marketing, and CRM software for online businesses its WordPress CRM plugin connects your website to vcita account and pushes visitor interaction data straight to your CRM.

7. Groundhogg

Groundhogg is a self-hosted Wordpress CRM plugin that focusses on email marketing and marketing automation to help you boost sales and improve customer relationships.

8. WP-CRM System

WP-CRM system is made for small businesses with a focus on easy contact management, simplified project management, and seamless integration with other applications.

9. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM takes a somewhat different approach that CRMs we’ve seen thus far- it employs AI to drive your conversions efforts, including predictive scoring for determining how likely a contact is to convert.

10. Zoho CRM lead Magnet

Zoho CRM lead magnet is a free and basic plugin for lead capture. It lets you build web forms inside you dashboard and place them on your WordPress site with shortcode.

11. WP Fusion –

Closing out our list is the WP Fusion Plugin. While not itself a CRM , WP Fusion can connect your Wordpress website website to almost any leading CRM of your choice.

- by Ms Ruchi Jha, Editor.

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