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10 wonderful examples of using artificial intelligence

10 wonderful examples of using artificial intelligence

AI | APR 22, 2021 ©GETBES | 0 Views

Artificial intelligence if process of computers learning the way humans think and trying to mimic them. The applications of AI are endless. The technology can be used in different sectors and industries

When we hear the word AI we think about self-driven car, high end robots etc .AI sounds very futuristic but however we are surrounded by AI in present. So, let us discus 10 wonderful examples of the usage of AI for good.


Google maps use AI to analyse traffic, user speed, user reported incidents like road accidents and road constructions to predict the time that may be required to reach the destination and give you the fastest route to reach the destination. .


You must have noticed while watching YouTube videos you get recommended by similar videos. YouTube uses AI to understand track videos you watch and recommend you similar videos. These platforms also recommends video according to your age group.


Every time you see an ad you think ‘I was just thinking about it’. Advertisement companies use AI to track your online searches, chats etc to provide you with ads suitable for you. They also use information like your age, gender, profession to provide you ads of suitable products. These websites also track what people buy along with a particular product and recommend you the same.


Apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram use AI to detect your face to apply face filters and recognize face to let you tag the person. AI also helps to auto focus and adjust saturation of a photo /video .


Smart home product not only consist of Alexa and other Smart assistant but also smart home security camera which uses AI to recognise who is coming and who is going, smart lights that changes the light depending on the time of the day, smart temperature detectors etc.


Apps like LucidPix helps you to convert 2D images to 3D without the need of multiple cameras using AI. This app also lets you take 3D picture directly form your mobile phone.


Self-driven cars use AI to analyse the roads, recognize the space around the vehicle. This lets the passenger to takedrive without even taking control. Inputs about traffic, roadblocks etc are transferred to the cars immediately to alert the vehicles. Uber’s prototype consist of sixty four laser beams and other sensors to make their internal map whereas Google’s prototype has used lasers , radar, high power cameras and sonar . Companies like Tesla, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo etc are car manufacturing companies that are bringing self-driving cars in the market.


The spam filter in your inboxes is controlled by AI . It is regulated by a set of rules and regulations and overtime they learn from various signals like some specific words or phrases in an email and metadata of the email. Thus, keeping your email risk free.


There are certain phrases like “Thank You” or” I am in for it” for emails which can be sent with one click by smart replies option.Smart reply analyses your typing style and tries to mimic your replies ana does a pretty good job at it.


Google lens is an app which is used to search objects by clicking its picture. Google lens uses AI to identify the given object and compare it with its database. If you are with your friend and you liked his/her bag , you canjust click its picture and search it on google lens and it will give you suitable results.

- by Shubham Jha, Editor.

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