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Blogs on artificial intelligence | blockchain | automation | what we think series


What we think series!

covid 19 digitization tools

Helping businesses survive covid-19

Now in this world of lockdown, social distancing where people hesitate in meeting anyone personally, buying or selling products physically, it is getting difficult for your business to survive. It is challenging for all the entrepreneurs present in the world to run their financial wheel due to less revenue churn .

digital india for atmanbhar bharat digitization tools

Atmanrbhar bharat for digital india

Atamnirbhar Bharat is the vision of the Prime Minister of India as self-reliant nation. He announced the “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan” during the announcement of the coronavirus pandemic related economic package on 12 May 2020.

role of technology in fighting corona virus globally
Mobile Apps

Role of technology in fighting corona virus globally

As we all know that we are going through a very tough phase and i.e this pandemic phase of COVID-19, and we are recovering from this pandemic one way or the other. In recovering technology played a great role especially GPS technology.

why cyber intelligence matters
cyber intelligence

Why cyber intelligence matters?

Cyber Threat is a malicious act that seeks to damage data, steal data or disrupt digital life in general. It also includes computer viruses, data breaches. It also refers to the possibility of a successful cyber attack that basically aims in gaining unauthorized access, disrupt, damage, or steal an information technology asset, intellectual property and other form of sensitive data.

school and college digitization tools

Digital learning platform for schools and colleges.

Digital Learning is something we are very familiar nowadays, Everyone and Everything in this world is online today from learning to teaching. Every Teacher needs a digital platform and every student need a digital platform to learn. And this pandemic made it a necessity. As in this pandemic, nobody can go out but we can let our children away for learning.

digital india for atmanbhar bharat digitization tools

Featuring TOP 10 AI startup of India 2021

Artificial intelligence is the new normal in industries today and every market niche is adopting it frequently. Whether it is healthcare or retail, fashion, manufacturing or even banking, all are ready to use AI to innovate new ways of business all along making their customers experience memorable.

5 steps to excellent marketing strategy
Digital Marketing

5 steps to create outstanding marketing strategy

Marketers have saying “If you don’t know where you’re going , any road will take you there”. Without a basic planning and strategies, how cam you know where you are going or what you generally need to get there? Here are 5 crucial steps to develop your own marketing plan.

11 Excellent WordPress CRM Plugins to Consider This Year

11 Excellent WordPress CRM Plugins to Consider This Year

Check out 11 of the best CRM plugins to consider in 2021 to enhance your WordPress website and delight your visitors. These CRM solutions can help your ecommerce business run more effectively and delight your visitors.

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